Whether you’re moving within your city or you’re coming from another state, choosing a new neighborhood can be stressful. You can remove a portion of that worry by researching homes for sale in Sequim WA carefully. Use the following tips to help decide where to research Sequim homes for sale when selecting your future neighborhood.


Safety seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but how do you check if a neighborhood meets that standard? Obvious signs of concerns include windows with bars as well as unkempt streets and properties. However, don’t just rely on observation when looking at the house. You should come back and drive through the neighborhood after dark, so you can observe activity levels. Always go online and check the listings for registered offenders. Check the local TV stations for criminal reports, inform yourself by analyzing the area’s police blotter, and read local newspapers.

Homes for Sale

Did you know that the number of properties for sale in an area can also indicate its security? An abundance of vacant homes usually attracts negative influences. When many people move away, it can denote downturns in the real estate market and disadvantageous conditions, including rising crime rates. You can ask your realtor about how many homes are for sale or look this information up online.

perfect neighborhood homes for sale Sequim WACommunity Factors

It sometimes costs more to live in desirable communities, but many buyers have limited budgets. Check city data online, and research statistics about residential demographics, air pollution, property assessments, school rankings, and walkability. When taking these factors into consideration, set priorities to make the budget fit. You might have to scale down on upgrades and square footage, but in turn, you can choose a better neighborhood.

Physical Observations

While online research is vital, don’t just rely on the internet alone. When you check out the neighborhood, see if residents are out and about. This shows potential for socialization and also denotes a certain security factor. If you have children, see if the adjacent yards have swing sets, toys, bicycles and other signs of kids. This will help you find playdates for your family. Other important attributes include sidewalks, green spaces, libraries, and playgrounds.

While your real estate agent can be a wealth of local knowledge, don’t rely solely on this source for community information. Your realtor’s knowledge may be subjective, and their ultimate goal is to sell properties. In some cases, legal requirements won’t allow an agent to make comments about the suitability of neighborhoods.

Whenever you’re researching homes for sale in Sequim WA, try to bring another knowledgeable person along. An objective observer can point out the factors you don’t see or forget to consider. This tactic can help locate the ideal neighborhood and Sequim WA home for sale that best meets your needs.

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